Electric Picnic Day 3…

kept ya in suspense for the last day of leccy picnic but here you go…

two door cinema club

the National (note blood splats where he cracked his own head open with his mic!!)

Archie Bronson Outfit

as a cheap alternative to a facelift get your mate to pull your face back instead for photos!

beardyman curses god for not blessing him with the facial hair his name requires

that band named after that small island off off scotland 😉

with friends like this who needs enemies huh

the Horrors

Jerry fish

should've gone to specsavers

Mumford and Sons

Massive attack imitating a meerkat

angry old man from the fall


Electric Picnic Day 2

more leccy picnic pics for ya – sooo many great bands to see and so much cool stuff to do when you’re not even watching bands at this festival it was amazing!! If you ever get the chance definitely go!



Festival Wrasslin


Seasick Steve

These New Puritans

No funky boots


LCD Sound System

Hugh Hefner??

Scroobius Pip

Crystal Castles


Electric Picnic Day 1

Hey folks so I’ve been absent from blogginess for a bit mainly coz I’ve just been far too busy to get any time to put stuff up but I’m back so here’s a bug batch of leccy picnic goodness  as shot for BBC ATL to start you back into the world of my blog again and make you miss the times when it was still sunny and we weren’t all cold brrrr….


Modest Mouse



Festival Revellers

Janelle Monae

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Joe Echo

MNDR (or Deidre Barlow on crack!!)


Roxy Music