Electric Picnic Day 1

Hey folks so I’ve been absent from blogginess for a bit mainly coz I’ve just been far too busy to get any time to put stuff up but I’m back so here’s a bug batch of leccy picnic goodness  as shot for BBC ATL to start you back into the world of my blog again and make you miss the times when it was still sunny and we weren’t all cold brrrr….


Modest Mouse



Festival Revellers

Janelle Monae

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Joe Echo

MNDR (or Deidre Barlow on crack!!)


Roxy Music

Ooooohhhhh wee..

The MTV Mark Ronson aftershow at the stiff kitten a few weeks ago was the first job I did after a weekend of crippling back death after throwing my back out working at a gig – it may have been the serious amount of painkillers talking but I had fun (until i slipped on someones spilt drink, pharmacy fell off the stage and put my back out again – its a dangerous job this snapper lark!)

Mark Ronson takes a break from djing to have a whiskey...

...he wasn't the only one drinking the whiskey

ooh wee?


dunno who this guy is but he had a great night 🙂