Kat Von D visits Dublin

I’m a regular photographer for Getty Images and every so often they send you on a job which is a little bit of a dream come true! I’ve been a fan of Kat Von D since her days tattooing on Miami Ink so when they asked me to shot her visit to Debenhams in Dublin to launch her new make up range there was no way I was going to miss it! As an avid vegan all her makeup is cruelty free and vegan friendly so of course I had to stock up when I was there. Being an event photographer means working incredibly fast so on the day it was a case of photographing everything from the makeup artists at work to fans meeting Kat and their tattoos. The atmosphere was great everyone was so excited to meet her which made it a great day to shoot and turning around the images for the tight deadline was tough as I had so many to choose from!

The Artistry Collective (Kat’s travelling makeup artist team) and the human equivalent of caffeine – so hyper and great at cheering up a crowd who waited for hours to meet their make up heroine!

The full selection of iages can be found on www.gettyimages.com if you want to check them out but here are some faves!

Red Light Inferno

What better to do with a band visiting all the way from Donegal than to drag them to all Belfast’s seediest streets and make them pose outside tattoo parlours and sexshops – hey why not right! Any bands looking a music photographer in Ireland get in touch 🙂 I love an excuse to travel!!

Red Light Inferno

photographer belfast

Red Light Inferno - poker isn't really their game!

photographer belfast

Red Light Inferno

Hero In Error

Had a great time in Dublin recently shooting the Hero in error guys so here’s a few of the shots from the promo shoot

hero in error

hero in error

hero in error (in a forest of wild garlic!)


My second AU cover to feature ASIWYFa – dragged the poor fellas up Divis mountain this time – despite it being sunny everywhere else it was still baltic and their truck ran outta petrol (thankfully at thetop so we coul roll back down the hill as far as the springfield road then go get petrol – never a dull moment huh!)

Check out this months AU ag for the great interview by Chris Jones

AU Magazine May 2011

a plastic rose

Had a cracking time at the mini album launch by a plastic rose last night – live shots coming soon but here;s one of the guys promo shots I did a while ago – great fun to work with and great tunes so if you didn’t get to the gig go download the album it’s free on their facebook page here just go to the info section and click the link – do it now or i’m tellin 🙂

A Plastic Rose

Wireless Mystery Theatre

wireless mystery theatre

Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds re-enacted for Science Week

Belfast-based Wireless Mystery Theatre will be presenting a re-enactment of the infamous 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, in conjunction with Science NI. The performance takes place at 8pm on the 20th March in the Crescent Arts Centre and will be followed by a short talk from Dr. John Kremer (QUB Psychology department) on fear and communication in the mass media. Wireless Mystery Theatre transports the audience into an old-time radio studio to be AWED! and AMAZED! by faithful recreations of old-time radio suspense plays, complete with sound effects, live music, and ads from the period. This one-off re-enactment of the controversial 1938 Orson Welles version of War of the Worlds brings the audience into the CBS radio studio for the fateful Mercury Theatre Hallowe’en broadcast, a radio play that made headlines all over the world and turned Orson Welles into a household name. Wireless Mystery Theatre will also be debuting Sorry, Wrong Number and The Thing in the Window, two classic suspense plays, with commercial break, in Auntie Annie’s bar on the 21st and 22nd March at 8pm. Tickets are available on the door at £6 or £4 for the elderly and the unwaged: email [email protected] to pre-book. Selected, by the Belfast Telegraph, and Nuala McKeever, as one of the top picks in Belfast’s first Fringe Festival last October and set to perform a run of 20 mystery/suspense plays in 10 days at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011, Wireless Mystery Theatre’s past productions include a re-enactment of the Mercury Theatre (Orson Welles) version of The 39 Steps. In December 2010, WMT entered into the spirit of the season with the Mercury Theatre 1940 broadcast of A Christmas Carol. Wireless Mystery Theatre has made appearances on BBC Arts Extra and The Gerry Kelly Show.