Oh Yeah Legends Awards

Belfast Music Week saw the Undertones crowned as the legends of Oh Yeah this year – the evening was great with a gig from the Undertones, and supported by Colenso Parade, and then Derry songstress Bronagh Gallagher presented them with their award!

Colenso Parade

Colenso Parade

The Undertones

The Undertones

Bronagh Gallagher singing with the Undertones

Ooooohhhhh wee..

The MTV Mark Ronson aftershow at the stiff kitten a few weeks ago was the first job I did after a weekend of crippling back death after throwing my back out working at a gig – it may have been the serious amount of painkillers talking but I had fun (until i slipped on someones spilt drink, pharmacy fell off the stage and put my back out again – its a dangerous job this snapper lark!)

Mark Ronson takes a break from djing to have a whiskey...

...he wasn't the only one drinking the whiskey

ooh wee?


dunno who this guy is but he had a great night 🙂


He did it all for the nookie…

So myself and David from Kerrang went rollin rollin rollin down to Dublin (sorry couldn’t help it) to cover the Limp Bizkit gig in The Olympia a few weeks back. A few things surprised me about this gig – first off how many LB lyrics I actually remembered from the first time round, secondly just how much I enjoyed it (I honestly don’t even remember liking them way back when but the gig was great!!) and last but not least how many dudes wore red baseball caps (Fred Durst sadly did not – his was white)

Lim Bizkit

Rollin out the irish flag

Wes Borland wearing latex and his mums curtain tassles??

Limp Bizkit


Now i know as a “proper metaller” this may come as a surprise to a lot of you but i actually like paramore and when they played in Belfast they were great! the stage show was full of energy and despite a lot of the crowd being literally half my age I had a blast shooting it. This ran at the time as a double page review in Kerrang (I’ll stick a scan up later on) but here are some more of the shots I got on the night (there are loads coz it seems its impossible to get a bad photo of Hayley!)











Paramore Set List






Hayley takes a rest on the monitors














Electric Picnic 2010

Had an absolute ball shooting Electric Picnic this year with the BBC ATL guys you can see all my pics from the weekend on their flickr stream HERE and here’s one of my personal faves from the weekend of Rory from ASIWYFA onstage on the saturday!


Bilbao BBK

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Bilbao BBK for a lead live review in Kerrang – it was an amazing festival one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever been to and here are some shots from the weekend…

Alice In Chains

Faith No More

Basque Country

Coheed and Cambria

Biffy Clyro

Pearl Jam

The crowd

Gogol Bordello


Rise To Fall

Manic Street Preachers


Skunk Anansie


Rise Against

Anti Flag


Because danish rockabilly IS the way forward – i love this band if you haven’t heard them you are missing out!


sometimes one guitar just isn't enough...

...but playing 2 at once can be stressful...

... so they're sticking with one bass for the meantime!