Wedding Photography

I’ve started shooting a lot more weddings this past few years for a few reasons – firstly I meet A LOT of people at work and a lot of people get married. Secondly, and more importantly, I love shooting them! It’s a genuine honour to be a part of someone’s big day and to create images they will look back on and treasure for years to come. I love shooting events an commercial work it’s a real challenge creatively but people won’t look back on those images in 20 years whereas with weddings they are memories which people hold dear and I love that!

With all my wedding packages I give the couple their photos on a USB so they can get as many prints as they like and share them with family and friends. It’s only a little device but the appearance and how it works are vitally important to how I do business. I put my all into the photography and I want to do it justice when I give the images to my clients rather than send just an online link it’s important to have something physical. I came across a site called USB memory direct and decided to give them a go because they had gorgeous redwood USBs which match my red hair (ridiculous reason I know but a reason none the less) and they are great – so this post is mainly to recommend them to other photographers. So far they copy quickly, you can personalise them, they are really reliable and look great – and you can order them in bulk too so I got 50 to keep me going. Very impressed will definitely be ordering again when this bunch run out (might even try a different colour next time)