It’s the blog of the year 2010!!

well folks another year has escaped us and what a year its been so I thought I’d do a wee recap of all my favourite photographic highlights of the year so without further hesitation 2010 was the year that…

...I got to hang out backstage with Paramore (before 2 of em left!)

...Monotonix blew my mind at Electric Picnic

...and the offstage antics were pretty fun to watch too!

..I threww my back out shooting the undertones and spent several days in agony...

...but recovered in time for the Mark Ronson aftershow party

..saw Limp bizkit break stuff in Dublin (sorry snigger!)

...and got to join Slash onstage for Kerrang!

...saw several happy couples up the aisle

...and made dirty stevie levitate

...leading to making my friends kid evil for their album cover!

...shot bridal fashion for an advertising campaign...

...and shot a campaign for funky new salon Hedonist Hair

...shot dublin guys Zulu in a forest

...and did a very serious shoot with LaFaro

...stepped back in time with Rachel Austin

...and watched Metallica tear Belfast apart

...attacked A Plastic Rose with a pick axe (this shot was featured in HWCH 2010)

...and made Wounds drive into a tree!

...tried to kidnap Orange Goblin before Decade of Aggression

...held my first solo exhibition (thanks to all who attended)

... and survived B.O.Y in a zombie apocalypse!!

...toured Ireland with the JD set

...and even had an HMV ad

...watched with pride as Belfast united to help Haiti

...and took a break from gigs to shoot interiors for fultons Furnishings screamed at at BBC introducing four nations

...had an amazing time at Bilbao BBK

...though it wasn't all happy events

...just gave up trying to understand Rammstein's stage show

...started hosting my own radio show PURE ROCK FURY (gacys threads were good enough to join me on air!)

...and on a less metal note hung out with Skibunny

...shot ASIWYFA taking electric picnic by storm

...headed north to Derry with Fighting With Wire

...covered everything from Arthur's Day to St Paddys for Botanic inns

...met the business people of tomorrow with Young Enterprise

... met some legends at the kerrang awards

...and lots of local legends at Oh Yeah

...shot Volbeat so many times I'm officially a stalker

...which I'm gettin pretty close to with Airbourne as well

...made Peter McVeigh suffer for his art (it was minus 10 that night!)

...saw just how scary teenagers can be at My Passion in dublin

...and went back to nature with Key Of Atlas

...and smudged my facepaints shooting KISS!!

…so all in all its been one hell of a year! thanks to everyone who’s commissioned me, worked with me or helped make all of it possible. Happy New Year to you all and I hope that this time next year when it comes to looking back on 2011 its been just as exciting!!