The Whistle Bait Babies

Some pics from a recent shoot with the fabulous Whistle Bait Babies – there’s also a  fantastic interview with the girlees in AU magazine this month so look out for it! This shoot was so much fun – the girls were amazing and despite one last minute location change thanks to Cafe Vaudeville letting us down in phenomenal style at the very last minute by deciding they needed the whole top floor to have a “meeting” and refusing to let us shoot even though it had all been booked weeks in advance so thanks again for that (that was sarcasm for those who missed it)

But massive thanks to the marvellous Emma at Muriels who sorted us out with a new and much prettier location in record time – everyone should go to Muriels its a lovely little pub in Belfast City Centre that does great cupcakes.  Thanks also to John who let us borrow his lovely red Imperial car ( and Noel and his lovely lady wife at the Tudor Cinema who could not have been any more helpful and evenlet us play 50s songs on the jukebox to set the mood.

These are a sneaky peek but you’ll be able to see loads more photos when the Babies’ new website is launched – in the meantime you can check them out here…

The Whistlebait Babies

inside the gorgeous Tudor Cinema

The people in Muriels got more than they bargained for at lunchtime...

... They didn't seem to mind tho 😉