Well my email account has had the joy of being hacked and my very helpful IT folk suggested either scrapping the email address or just putting up with it! so in the sake of always seeing the good side I have decided to have a bit of fun – so here are my favourite ridiculous spam email subjects for your viewing pleasure – all completely word for word and by god am I amazed at some of the things these folk come up with…

1: IT consultant of perfect love making art!

2: Tired of having a peanut in your pants!

3: Make her wear her birthday suit!

4: You can’t rent a big friend in your underwear but you can gain it forever.

5: Be a man everywhere: in a street, in a bathroom and especially in a bedroom.

6: If the nature wasn’t generous to you  – we are.

7: 4 root

8: Smile your way through 2009

9: Grab one little blue pill and prepare yourself for the night of adventures

10: Only here you can find solution to all your male troubles.