Hi there

I decided to start a blog to keep everyone up to date with everything I’m doing and also to try and give myself a little bit of a challenge.  The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy – been working for a lot of different places which is great as variety is the spice of life an all! My to do list is growing so sometime soon there will be an all new look website up for you to see. There’s a little website by Jason Evans I love called the daily nice and each day it shows a different photo which simply made him smile so from now on I’m going to try and upload a photo every day for you to see! I figure by taking a photo every day I can try and push myself to look differently at my every day life. The pics may be from jobs I do on that day, places I go, people I met or just something I spotted and liked the look of.   

So to start with I give you the firebreather! I liked the simplicity of this shot so I thought why not start with it.


fire breather

Fire Breather at The Enchanted Evening